Get teaching vacancies sent to you

How do job alerts work?

1. Create an alert

Customise your alert and enter an email address.

2. Receive emails

Get an email when you’ve got a match on your job alert.

3. Check out the job!

View jobs that match your criteria, it’s that easy!

Job alerts kept me aware of great teaching jobs near me, it actually got me my first teaching job!

Emily Weston, Primary school teacher

Create your perfect alert

It only takes a minute to set up, then you can let the teaching jobs come to you. You can:

  • Get alerts daily or weekly
  • Specify a time you want the alerts
  • Search in any location
  • Create as many as you like
  • Turn them off when you like
A close up shot of a mobile phone on a table receiving an email notification for a teaching role in art and design in their local area