A teacher stands in front of a classroom full of children, in front of a blue wall with shapes on, demonstrating how to count using a handheld whiteboard.

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Teaching Vacancies is the official and free government service for teachers to find your perfect teaching role.

Get teaching vacancies sent to you

Create job alerts in minutes, then get teaching roles sent to you.

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Find a teaching role at the right school

Find a school with the location, size and setting that is perfect for you to teach at.

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Get help applying for teacher jobs

Help with personal statements, interviews, and interview lessons.

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Return to teaching

Returning to teaching can be easier than you expect.

More than ever, our children and young people need your skills and experience back in the classroom.

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Application tips for teachers

Write a great teaching job application in 5 steps

Make a good first impression and get an interview for the teaching job you want.

Three teachers sat on sofas having a conversation in a school staff room.

How to approach a teaching job interview

Get interview tips including how to prepare answers to interview questions.

A teacher stands in front of a classroom having an engaging discussion with teenagers in her class.

Prepare for a teaching interview lesson

The interview lesson is an opportunity to demonstrate your teaching ability.

A close up photo of two young children concentrating on the teacher talking through some instructions.

How to write a teacher personal statement

Secure an interview by impressing a school with your personal statement.

A close up photo of a teacher working together with a student who is pointing the the whiteboard at the front of the classroom.

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Teaching Vacancies is the official and free government service for job seekers to find their perfect teaching role.

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